Nepal Scouts: 1st National Rover Moot

31 May 2019 – 04 June 2019 [Participants are expected to arrive on 30th May 2019 and may depart on 05 June, 2019.]

Basundhara Park & Komegani Park, Pokhara.

Rover/Ranger Scouts and leaders aged between 16 and 26 on the date of commencement (before his/her 26th birthday) are eligible.

All participants will be accommodated in the campsite at tent sharing basis.

Moot information URLs:
Nepal Scout Association


文:青少年活動署總部總監(樂行童軍) 吳文俊

聚首一堂 慶祝百載
為慶祝樂行童軍成立100周年,青少年活動署於2018年12月24至26日在八鄉少年警訊永久活動中心舉行「香港童軍大會(樂行童軍成立100周年活動)」。是次活動主題為「極盡無悔 Strive · Rovers」,寄語一眾樂行童軍做每件事都要盡全力,不要後悔及留下遺憾。

多元化的活動 貫徹「極」之樂行

開幕典禮在第二天早上舉行,大會很榮幸邀請到總會名譽會長、消防處處長李建日擔任主禮嘉賓,以及其他制服團體代表出席典禮。為了讓一眾參加者緊記樂行童軍的騎士精神,典禮上進行了樂行童軍支部的傳統宣誓儀式 — 獻身禮,並由香港總監吳亞明主持,為五位地域代表完成「騎士冊封」儀式。





「香港童軍大會(樂行童軍成立100周年活動)」經已圓滿結束,大家可到樂行童軍支部Facebook專頁 瀏覽活動相片。


Dan Dkhar, The Bharat Scouts and Guides, India
To start with I was a little apprehensive about attending since it fell during Christmas and about year ending, which was ideally a great time to spend with my family. However, when I got the selection letter, it was a totally different thing. I started preparing with slight challenges, as I was the only one from my region the others being from mainland India. However, upon arriving Hong Kong, everything changed. It was like being home. We shared an almost identical looks, ate almost the same, and most importantly we’re Scouts. The programme was awesome and nothing like I’ve anticipated, I immediately fitted in, in a place far from home but nearer still. Could not appreciate the heart warming welcome and hospitality and much more. Cheers! Hong Kong! Thank you SAHK.

Akihiro Kusama, Scout Association of Japan
We could feel Hong Kong Rovering, culture and friendship. Moot had been finished, however, international friendship has just started yet. Thank you for all the staff from Scout Association of Hong Kong and see you next time!

Tsang Tsz-wai Krystal, Scout Moot International Team, 7th Hong Kong Group
Being a part in the Hong Kong Scout Moot has been one of the most meaningful events throughout my life as a Scout. Our friends came from various regions. Other than local members, we had representatives from India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. We spent our Christmas night
together, had a good time with the passionate performances from the bands and the variety shows. Moreover, I wouldn’t forget the night we spent together on the Observation Wheel – the gorgeous night view of Hong Kong had reflected how our friendship glowed in those 3 days. Also, I would like to show my gratitude to the organising committee and all the group leaders. Good Job!

source: Hong Kong Scouting Vol.418